Wisconsin Elections Commission Training Events

Election Security Tabletop Exercise (TTX) - (Alma - Afternoon)

Thursday, December 12, 2019 - 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Attendance at this training will satisfy the Election Security Subgrant in-person training requirement.  Please note that this particular training is geared towards clerks and deputy clerks (or chief inspector in lieu of a deputy).  To help ensure there are enough seats to help clerks satisfy the in-person training requirement, please limit registration to two individuals per municipality. 

This tabletop exercise (TTX) is a training simulation that mirrors real-life security-related events that could occur leading up to and including Election Day.  It will provide participants opportunties to identify, assess, and solve issues that could affect elections.  It may also provide the chance for participants to experience election official roles different from their own.  The goals of this training are to assess the current awareness and readiness of clerks as they relate to election security (physical, operational, cyber) and communications, and to provide tools and resources to help better prepare clerks for potential future incidents.  These incidents are scripted and encompass a wide variety of topics and severity, ranging from weather-related issues that could potentially impact polling places, to some cybersecurity incidents that may require the assistance of IT professionals. 

This training is being hosted by Buffalo County Clerk, Roxann Halverson (608-685-6209) and led by Ginny Dankmeyer, LaCrosse County Clerk (608-785-9622).  Any questions question specifically related to registration may referred to Michelle R. Hawley, WEC Training Officer (608-261-2004 or michelle.hawley@wi.gov).  

Training Type: 
Security Training
Ginny Dankmeyer, LaCrosse County Clerk (TTX Trainer)
Buffalo County Courthouse, 407 South 2nd Street, Alma, WI 54610